TD Team Meets Online for Manifest: 2021 Kick-Off Event

TD Team Meets Online for Manifest:
2021 Kick Off Event

Last Saturday, the entire TD team met online via Zoom to celebrate the dawn of a new year. Almost a hundred employees and friends of TD joined what was called ‘Manifest: 2021 Kick-Off Event’; a number that is way more than what we had in the previous year. With a team this big, we know the value of having team building events to further strengthen the bond among team members. A company is only as good as its employees and culture, and we do want to promote a healthy, friendly culture here. During this online event, Theodore Drew and Associates CEO Thad Dufelmeier gave a presentation covering several topics. Firstly, he gave an in-depth explanation of TD’s company profile, to show everyone ‘the bigger picture’ when it comes to the work that happens within the company. Next, Thad talked about our potential as a company, and how we can further climb up the healthcare staffing industry this year with enough hard work. In the last part of his presentation, Thad shared the wonders of The Secret – how the ‘law of attraction’ can influence what you receive in life.

Screenshot from last Saturday’s event/presentation

With the dawn of a new year comes the sparkling promise of progress. We are all so excited about what we can achieve both individually and as a team. Everything in the presentation was evidence that made it easier to believe in what we do as an organization. There is a plan in place for Theodore Drew to succeed as a company, and this path towards success requires us to sharpen our IQ and EQ. Provided that things go smoothly, we want to experience 50 to 100% growth this year and with everybody’s help, TD can get there.