Clinical Oversight

Protect Your Joint Commission Certification

Theodore Drew & Associates will provide your company with the best practices for maintaining the integrity of your Joint Commission Certification. Keeping your certification current and free of penalties is vital to your bottom line. Our clinical oversight process gives you the tools you need to minimize risk and prevent the loss of your Joint Commission Certification. T.D. & Associates process includes:

Certification integrity maintenance

  • Provide standardized processes and tools for tracking and resolving complaints from clients and employees
  • Implement and maintain processes to help prevent clinical errors, and reduce the number of events that lead to revenue loss
  • Identify, report, document, and resolve all issues that require communication with any regulatory, certification, or licensing entity. This includes State Boards, the Joint Commission, and your insurance providers.

Delivering a comprehensive performance improvement program

  • Data collection and documentation tools
  • Reporting of monthly performance improvement data to the Joint Commission
  • Monthly analysis of data gathering results, written reports and communication with internal employees
  • A Do Not Send / Do Not Return process that addresses education (prevention), counseling, standardized responses, and termination point system, identified as a “Best Practice” in December 2006 and recognized in the February 2007 Joint Commission Workshop
  • Perform and document verbal clinical and behavioral competency assessment of potential employees
  • Provide your company with the ability and confidence to succeed during unannounced or “for cause” reviews

Advantages of Using our Clinical Oversight Services

  • Joint Commission Data Reporting
  • Interaction with Clinical Personnel
  • Handle Issues/Complaints from Personnel and/or Clients
  • Subject Matter Experts to Handle Questions
  • Extremely Cost-Effective
  • Improves Customer Experience and Personnel Retention