Joint Commission Accreditation

Be Joint Commission Accredited!

Ambulatory Care Accreditation Program (Ambulatory Surgery Centers)

The Ambulatory Care Accreditation Program is a challenging aspect of Joint Commission. Patients and payers awareness about accreditation is now increasing and most are demanding that ambulatory surgery centers be accredited. With regulatory oversight and increasing compliance standards in place, accreditation has become a vital part of Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

Theodore Drew and Associates will help you navigate this laborious facet of accreditation with our reliable and dedicated team of experts in Joint Commission standards and requirements. We offer an economical yet proven and seamless process that would steer you on the path to regulatory compliance and get the successful survey you need.

Preparation for accreditation can be time consuming and tedious, let Theodore Drew and Associates take care of this for you. When you work with Theodore Drew and Associates, you can benefit and enjoy the following services:

  1. Preparation
    • Completion of the accreditation application and being a liason between the facility and the accrediting agency
    • Dedicated consultant through completion of accreditation process
    • Weekly consultation with our team of Joint Commission experts.
    • Preparation of accreditation-specific compliance checklists
    • Education on improving quality, HIPAA and OSHA regulations
    • Being informed about regulatory changes and keeping compliance up-to-date

  2. Policy and Procedures
    • The electronic files come with a set of instructions & guidelines covering all chapters of the accreditation handbooks.
    • Review and rewrite of policy and procedure manuals. Customize them to reflect specific activities of your organization (they’re already 95% complete)
    • Compliant with accreditation standards and other regulatory requirements including Medicare and HIPAA
    • Establishing infection control, human resource, performance improvement, environmental surveillance, and emergency preparedness plan policies and procedures

  3. Mock Survey
    • Onsite or remote accreditation and/or certification assessment
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