Joint Commission Certification

Get Joint Commission Certified!

Healthcare Staffing is more competitive than ever. Theodore Drew and Associates will help your healthcare staffing company get Joint Commission Certified at a price that is fair. Our process is extremely simple, organized, and straightforward.

Our team has successfully prepared healthcare staffing companies of every size and segment to become Joint Commission Certified and recertified hundreds of times over the last decade.

We provide the key components to the most successful Joint Commission Certification process in healthcare staffing today. Partnering with Theodore Drew & Associates to handle your Joint Commission Certification will:

Increase the value of your company

  • Focus on generating more revenue while we handle the work of becoming Joint Commission Certified.
  • Attract and retain a more respectable client list.

Cut the time your company will spend on Joint Commission Preparation by 90%

  • Our tried and true process and 100% success rate give us the confidence to guarantee that your company gets Joint Commission Certified at 10% of what you would spend preparing alone
A wise investment your company will benefit from year after year

  • We spend time in your offices enhancing what you do best and providing solutions for your challenges
  • Achieve and maintain Joint Commission Certification by utilizing our library of customized forms, tools, and processes
  • Strengthen your infrastructure with best practices and reinforce the credibility of your company with The Joint Commission “Gold Seal”!